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Empowering Tomorrow's Workforce with YMCA YES Program

ParkIndy's collaboration with the YMCA YES Program reflects our commitment to community empowerment. Recently, ParkIndy Director Adam Isen engaged with participants from the YES Program, ages 16-24, during a pivotal event called Talent Talk. Adam highlighted the diverse aspects of the parking industry, emphasizing the need for skills in customer service, technology, regulations, finance, and automation.

With almost two decades of industry experience, Adam shared insights into the dynamic and rewarding nature of parking enforcement. His background in retail and business led him to discover a fulfilling career path in on-street parking, where he highlighted the diverse job opportunities available within ParkIndy.

"We're grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with the YMCA YES Program," said Isen. "By supporting initiatives like YES Indy, we aim to make a positive impact beyond the realm of parking, enriching lives and fostering opportunities for tomorrow's workforce."

Established in 2003 as Youth Employment Services (YES) Indy, the initiative has empowered over 6,000 young individuals in Marion County. Through career services, education, and targeted support, YES Indy breaks down barriers to employment. Collaborating with the YMCA of Greater Indianapolis, they offer industry-certified programs and Talent Talks to enhance job readiness and secure stable employment.

Talent Talks serve as bridges between aspiration and opportunity, allowing employers like ParkIndy to connect directly with participants, fostering meaningful connections and discussing job openings. Community engagement is vital to the success of initiatives like the YMCA YES Program and Talent Talks.

Interested in shaping tomorrow's workforce? Visit the YMCA YES Program's website and complete the interest form HERE. Employers and professionals interested in discussing opportunities can contact Career Navigator Cait Taulbee at

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